Monastery shop

Location: Cracow
Execution date: 2014
Area: 17m2



The shop has been opened in one of the most beautiful places of historic Cracow – in the convent of the Dominican Friars. The oldest walls of the monastery were built in the thirteenth century. Medieval bricks, local Jurassic stone, Gothic woodwork details were all an inspiration for the project.
The compact interior is characterized by simplicity and functionality. A space in which the history interacts with the modernity.
Walnut, oiled floor introduces the seriousness to the space. Patinated oak bookcases and black elements of the construction relate in their proportions to soaring Gothic style.
A minimalist lamp made of black, slender profiles, illuminates glass panels suspended overhead, bouncing variable reflections on the walls.
The glass panels are suited to the medieval diamond-shaped divisions in the windows in the cloister of the monastery.
The interior is decorated with seventeenth-century chest, extremely expressive in its historical detail.