Frankfurt am Main – case study competition – 1st award

Location: Frankfurt n. Menem
Date of design: 2004
Phase: concept

Authors: Michał Górski, Michał Obarzanowski, Kinga Raczak

Moderator: Ph.D. Arch. Wojciech Wicher

The opinion of the jury: The work of the team from the Krakow University of Technology is characterized by an intelligent and graphically clear approach to the topic of shaping the centre of downtown Frankfurt. They managed to find the correct balance between the preserved historical buildings, urban space, the Main and substance from the fifties, partly completed with structures. The authors fully meet the criterion of diverse pedestrian connections in the north-south direction, from the centre towards the Main. The streets and squares are high quality public spaces. The liquidation of heavy traffic on Berliner Strasse is achieved by extending the tunnel to the east. It also provides the possibility of a new design of the western portion of the Berliner Strasse. On the other hand, it is hard to understand the building-up of Paulsplatz, constituting an obstacle to the existing beautiful sequence of squares from Hauptwache to the Main. The participants from Krakow are the only ones who propose an urban layout in the form of so-called clusters – by overlapping different functional layers, predominantly residential function. This urban solution, continued in the field of architecture, can be truly enriching for the Frankfurt typology of housing – especially the downtown one. The Main riverfront has been designed in a metropolitan manner and free from urban traffic. In front of Römer square there is created another spacious square, framed by bridges at the Main (Untermain-Brucke and Alte Brucke) with two transparent, organic glass structures. These structures have multiple utility potential, also in the winter and in bad weather. Eiserne Steg footbridge is extended, reaching toward the buildings. To sum up – they created a realistic vision of high quality, inspiring and increasing the attractiveness of the Frankfurt downtown.