Hotel Wrocław

Location: Wrocław
Date of design: 2011
Phase: Conceptual project
Net area: 1900m2
Gross covered area: 2219 m²
Rooms: 100

The building was designed in accordance with the guidelines of the Local Plan. The concept includes arrangements for urban composition, land use and design of buildings.

In the plot there has been located a pedestrian passage. Through the passage there is provided a public access to the plot. On the ground floor of the building there are commercial spaces. Five floors above the ground are the storeys with hotel rooms.

Commercial spaces | level 0 632 m²
Commercial spaces | level +1 632 m²
Hotel foyer | level 0 1165 m²
Hotel rooms | level +1 1165 m²
Hotel rooms | level +2-+5 1868 m²
Net floor height 0 4,2 m
Net floor height +1-+5 3,1 m