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Hello, my name is Kinga Wolińska, I am a certified architect with a phd in engineering and technical sciences. For 20 years I have been helping small and large clients build their dream spaces for living and working. My clients are Likus Hotels and restaurants, Alior Bank, Scandinavian Clinic and private clients.
In 01.2024 I defended my doctoral thesis „Shaping contemporary energy-efficient hotels. Trends in the development of hotel architecture.”

I have been teaching construction technologies at the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts of the University of Krakow. Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski.

More information You will find on my linkedin profile.

“I’m an architect. I design spaces where people feel good. I design while being among people, in a café, in a museum, in a park. I observe, I listen. I sense scents, textures, colours. I draw”.


My husband Paweł Woliński is expert in Product and Project Management. From 20 years he is helping clients in marketing strategies. He was working for 10 years for APA – Austria Press Agentur.


We are working with profesionals, our friends:

Structural engineers: GSBK biuro konstrukcyjne

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photo: Katarzyna Zawada- Pęgiel