[Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation]

Krakow, 21st July 2015


In July 2014, I had the pleasure to meet Kinga Raczak. At this time, we started cooperation regarding the activities of the Dominican Liturgical Centre Foundation, which planned to open a shop in the cloister of the Dominican Convent in Krakow. It was not an easy task to fulfil, because the monastery is a unique space with its beautiful neo-Gothic architecture, the atmosphere of meditation and reflection, and its extensive activities open for people of culture, science and the arts. The Foundation sought an architect who would have taken up the challenge of creating in the small space planned for the shop, a place worthy of its surroundings, with a contemporary character, functional, but also elegant and referring in a modern way to the Gothic patterns.

Kinga Raczak not only met our expectations, but greatly exceeded them. In the period from July to August 2015, she designed the construction project of the renovation of the premises planned for the shop (change of the floors, plastering, installations), arranged the interior (colours of the interior, design of the furniture, lighting and other elements of the furnishings) and supervised all the works performed.

Kinga Raczak turned out to be a person with an exceptional spatial imagination and sublime taste. Effective solutions for the interior design proposed by her were always at a high aesthetic level, and at times even artistic. The passion for beauty does not overshadow the practical aspects of the solutions designed by her. In the course of the works, Kinga demonstrated high communication skills. She easily communicated with employees performing successive stages of the project, as well as with the client. I believe that an important positive feature of Kinga is the fact, that as a person open to dialogue, she does not easily give up on her own concepts, thus looking for solutions that will both satisfy the client and will let her pursue her extraordinary ideas.

The result of her work is a harmonious interior, furnished with tasteful furniture and warm lighting, complemented by modern pieces of equipment. The entire effect makes our customers surprised by the beauty of the shop, which became a place willingly visited by them, because it is not merely an ordinary point of sale, but it gives a respite from the mundane architecture subordinated to commercial aims.

I recommend Kinga Raczak with an absolute confidence, as a perfect collaborator for any work related to the interior arrangement and design.


Chairman of the Foundation
Dominican Liturgical Centre

Tomasz Grabowski OP