Hotel Warszawa

Location: Warszawa
Execution: 2017
Area netto: 13600m2

The hotel is one of the best examples of interwar architecture. Put into use in 1934, it has survived to this day thanks to its exemplary designed steel structure. The facility is characterized by a 16-story tower enclosing a rectangular plot on the northern side, while the western 6-story modernist wing has been supplemented with newly built southern and eastern routes. The layout refers to the historical outline, thus creating an internal courtyard.
The monumental entrance to the hotel leads through the reception to the covered patio, from where the roads diverge to conference rooms and commercial areas. There are 135 hotel rooms on the upper floors, with a two-story apartment at the top of the tower. In the basement there is a sumptuous restaurant and a spa area. Massive exposed concrete foundations give the interiors a unique character. It is also thanks to the reinforced concrete boxes that the building survived the war bombings. The original steel structure, partially embedded in the brick pillars, was locally uncovered, as were the existing prefabricated ceilings, confirming the history of the building.
The decorative stone cladding made of Szydłowiec sandstone contrasts with the reflective curtain walls of the glazing of the newly built part, the structure of which is a reinforced concrete wall and slab system.
The hotel is a place where history combines with modernity in a harmonious and elegant way, with interiors full of luxury befitting the prestige of this place.