Modular House

Location: Michałowice
Execution: 2022
Area: 35 m2

Nestled within the serene expanse of the plot, the house is shelter from the urban chaos, where the vista stretched to the distant horizon. When she crossed paths with Jacek, their shared vision was to cultivate their own sanctuary in this tranquil haven. To streamline the construction process, they opted for a modular house, a decision that would shape their dreams into reality.

Architectural and construction design was meticulously crafted, navigating through the complexities of land development and securing the necessary Building Permit. The plot, perched at the crossroads with the access road, posed a formidable challenge with its steep slope. Yet, through innovative design solutions, a functional entrance was conceived, bringing the vision to fruition.

The arrival of the modular house, packaged and delivered on a truck, marked a pivotal moment in whole process. With swift precision, the crane hoisted the structure from the platform of the truck, suspending it in mid-air above the power lines. However, an unforeseen obstacle emerged as the lift arm proved too short, causing the house to sway in the wind. Meanwhile, the weight of the truck inadvertently marred the freshly laid driveway upon entry.

Finally the structure was delicately maneuvered into its designated place, adhering to the prescribed distances from the plot border. With each morning greeted by the boundless expanse of the horizon, the oasis stood as a testament to determination, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of tranquility.