House – extension

Location: Kraków
Execution: 2023
Usable area : 345 m2

The family villa stands as a testament to meticulous expansion and reconstruction efforts within the esteemed Housing Estate in Krakow. Nestled within a three-part complex, this property seamlessly blends modernity with the existing character of the development.

Erected as a four-storey block, this villa gracefully concludes the terraced buildings originating from the 1960s. However, the initial structure, while grand in scale, suffered from functional inefficiencies and neglect. Its vast interior, compounded by an impractical staircase, exuded emptiness and disrepair.

The architectural challange laid in revitalizing the space while adhering to the prescribed building area outlined by local regulations. Despite this constraint, it was managed to consolidate the scattered blocks into a unified, compact structure, all while retaining the original building area. A pivotal shift involved relocating the central staircase to the side of the building, thereby achieving a seamless, open-plan interior on each floor.

The result is a stunning single-family residence, poised to adapt to future needs with the potential for conversion into several independent apartments. By harmonizing modern design elements with the architectural heritage of the estate, this villa epitomizes the timeless elegance and adaptability demanded by discerning homeowners.