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Hi, I’m Kinga Wolińska and I’m licensed architect.  From 20 years I’m helping small and big clients to build their buildings. My clients are Likus Hotels and restaurants, Alior Bank, Scandinavian Clinic and private clients. From 2020 I’m teaching Building Technologies at Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University.

“I’m an architect. I design spaces where people feel good. I design while being among people, in a café, in a museum, in a park. I observe, I listen. I sense scents, textures, colours. I draw”.


My husband Paweł Woliński is expert in Product and Project Management. From 20 years he is helping clients in marketing strategies. He was working for 10 years for APA – Austria Press Agentur.


We are working with profesionals, our friends:

Structural engineers: GSBK biuro konstrukcyjne ; Electrical installations: MBtronic ; Engineers from: AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Energy and Fuels

How Can I help You? 

If you are looking for knowledge, go to www. biurokr.com/blog   A lot of articles about building technologies, energy eficients solutions are waiting for You.

If you are looking for individual training about designing and building a house, write to us.

Have a specific problem you want to solve?  Are you wondering how to build a house and not to waste money? How to organize designing and builidng process. Let’s talk about it.

photo: Katarzyna Zawada- Pęgiel