Location: Wrocław
Project: 2020
Usable Area: 19000 m2

The design intention was a hotel facility with commercial and service facilities that would fit into the downtown development adjacent to a public square. The 60 m long façade of the six-story building closes the square from the north-eastern side, exposing its architecture from a distant perspective,
This facade, like the northern and southern ones, was designed as all-glass decorated with copper razor blades at the height of the hotel floors.
The harmonious rhythm is disturbed by emphasizing the main entrance to the hotel. The ground floor and commercial spaces are fully glazed, while the monolithic eastern façade reaching the border of the plot is entirely clad with sheet metal.
Hotel rooms in a corridor arrangement are planned on a grid of 4m wide structural elements. Each of the 156 rooms is illuminated by daylight through large-sized glazing decorated with vertical razor blades.
The reception hall located on the ground floor provides a communication connection with the private area of ​​the rooms as well as public conference facilities and a spacious spa.
On the lowest, third underground floor there is a parking lot for the hotel, accessible from the south-east.