The Czartoryski Museum – competition

Location: Kraków
Concept design: 2017
Area: 215m2

In cooperation with: Krzysztof Klimek

Visualizations: 3D Render

At the heart of our project lies a profound idea: to orchestrate a harmonious union between the architectural framework, exhibition spaces, and the priceless collection within, thereby crafting a unified masterpiece that transcends individual elements. Our vision was to craft interiors that serve as conduits for aesthetic and emotional experiences, offering a serene, tranquil ambiance juxtaposed with discreet, digitized modes of communication that bring modernity to the fore.

Central to our approach was an unwavering reverence for the intrinsic beauty of the collection. Our mission was clear: to present each artwork in its most dignified and respectful manner, allowing its inherent magnificence to shine forth unabated.

Recognizing that visitors flock to museums not solely for intellectual enrichment but also for the sheer delight of engaging with art in a tangible space, we endeavored to create environments that fostered a profound sense of connection and communion with the works on display.

In spaces housing treasures of unparalleled significance, such as the iconic „Lady with an Ermine,” we opted for a restrained yet elegant aesthetic, cultivating a neutral, harmonious backdrop that allows the artwork to command undivided attention.

In areas boasting an abundance of exhibits, we employed a thoughtful strategy of stylistic unification, harmonizing the design language of showcases through carefully curated design solutions. By grouping showcases according to specific stylistic criteria, we crafted a visually cohesive rhythm that guides the viewer’s gaze with effortless fluidity.

The result is a museum experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting visitors on a journey of discovery and contemplation within spaces meticulously crafted to honor the profound beauty and significance of the artistic treasures they house.