Single-family house – extension

Location: Kraków
Usable area: 250 m2
Projekt: 2020

The investment involves the addition of a first floor and the expansion of an independent staircase leading to the top floor on the eastern side. There is a garage located next to the external stairs.
Architecturally, the intervention fits into the existing shape of the building, but the new volumes have their own character given by the natural Siberian larch cladding and reflective glass reflecting the surroundings.
As a result, the investor obtained an independent apartment in a single-family residential development with an area of 80 m2, which is well lit and sunny.
Due to the existing structure, the superstructure is to be light and will not generate new loads in the structural axes of the building. Small-size, thermally insulated, ceramic blocks and light prefabricated sectional ceilings were rationally selected.