House in the landscape

Location: Zawadka
Projekt : 2019
Area: 150 m2

The house is designed as a single-story building integrated into the terrain and surrounding greenery.
It is covered with an envelope roof made of green sheet metal, which further camouflages the facility. The external walls were designed using brick wall technology, consistently selecting colors and materials that fit into the existing context. The building’s shape is sculpted in accordance with the designed function inside and in relation to the views surrounding it. Windows not only meet the needs of users at home, but also provide contact with the surroundings, bringing nature inside. For relaxation outside, a special terrace was designed, the largest part of which on the south side is an open space with a vast view, which is an advantage of this plot.
Inside, the function is planned symmetrically in relation to the main axis designed in the north-south direction. Looking towards the south, there is a guest annex on the left. A small but functional module consisting of a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. On the right side there is a bedroom area. In the central part, there is a living room that flows smoothly into the kitchen and dining room.
The shape of the garage resembles that of a residential house. The entrance to the garage is on the eastern side.
The foundations of the house were designed in the technology of a foundation slab, on which the walls are built in the technology of a three-layer partition. The truss is made of wood, deliberately exposed from the inside. The rooms in the house are separated by brick walls and plasterboard partitions.