Poznan Main Market Square – competition

In collaboration with Kamil Raczak

The basic assumption of the concept of new development and arrangement of the Old Market Square in Poznań is to create a new qualitative value within the main public space determined by the stylistically diverse historic building structure. In the understanding of the authors of the concept, this new quality should be based both on the existing compositional and aesthetic values of the historic buildings as well as the need to create a functional and stylistically contemporary setting of the Old Market Square.

The program concept includes the following activities
– maintaining and tidying up summer gardens
– revitalization of three parallel interiors, the so-called theater
– creation of a universal, multi-functional square in the eastern part of the Old Market Square
– creating an interior layout with different atmosphere and functions throughout the entire project

Communication solutions
In terms of road traffic, the concept assumes limited accessibility of the Old Market Square under the previously applicable rules. The surface is shaped for the dominant pedestrian traffic in this zone. It is only planned to install additional surface markings separating a 4.5 m wide lane for motor vehicles around the old Market Square from the possibility of temporary parking only for supply purposes – the rules typical for calmed traffic zones and pedestrian and pedestrian routes will apply. The difference in color and material of the floors in the strip surrounding the Old Market Square and the lack of arches at the street entrances serve to slow down traffic at the entrances to the Market Square.

Spatial concept and material solutions
The regular and square form of the Old Market Square was emphasized by a multiple outline made using various types of granite, including existing paving elements made of Gotland granite of various shades (the main slab of the Market Square) and gray granite slabs 100x70cm in the strip intended for summer gardens. The complementary material will be basalt cubes.